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Hi guys! We decided to change our blog from all Kendall and Kylie to our personal fashion. We still love Kendall and Kylie and their fashion and will still take requests for their fashion but we want to focus on our own a bit more! Feel free to request any outfits and ask us any questions regarding fashion/beauty! Love you guys! xox

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Anonymous whispered: hello! what would kylie wear to disneyland ? the weather is going to be hot :) thank you ! xx

look at the amusement park outfits! xx

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mmoonniiccaaaa whispered: Inspired for amusement park what would kylie and Kendall wear

done xx

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Kendall amusement park outfit
Top: Brandy Melville 
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Requested: Kylie amusement park outfit
Top: Brandy Melville 
Shorts: American Apparel
Plaid: Urban Outfitters
Anonymous whispered: Hey, this might be a little weird but could you do a kendall inspired bedroom. thanks xx

from the pictures I have seen, it seems like Kendall’s bedroom is very modern-like I guess you would call it. Classic colors- black and white. I know her dresser is a mirror. I think Kendall’s bedroom would have a big black headboard with a classic white duvet. Many pillows in different grays and patterns. I feel like she would have a grey fuzzy rug possibly with bold-patterned curtains. If I have time then I will try to put something together of how I envision it! xxx

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Anonymous whispered: Hi love! What do you think Kendall would style her hair if she went to school? Today in school, I did the fishtail braid. Everyone said that they liked it! I was glad they did because I usally keep my hair down. Thanks if you answer! :)

I feel like Kendall would be the one to wear her hair down everyday. I wear my hair down everyday! Kendall seems to be more effortless- if that makes sense. She doesn’t seem like she curls her hair to go out or anything the way Kylie does. I deff think Kendall would wear the fishtail braid though and that sounds real cute! Maybe try a regular side braid, just down or even a pony tail! xxx

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Anonymous whispered: Hey can you do a look of how Kylie would style toms please?:)

done xx

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Requested: one way Kylie might style toms.
Top: Wildfox 
Leggings: Lululemon
Shoes: Toms